Top Flight MMA Kids Win 1st Place Swords At Worlds Largest Grappling Tournament

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007 4 Top Flight MMA Kids Win Their Divisions At The North American Grappling Association (NAGA)

On February 6th the worlds largest grappling promotion came to Philadelphia packing out the sports complex with thousands of adult and kid grappling/ Brazilian Jiu-Jitus competitors. The venue was so packed, that the fire marshall had to stop spectators from coming in to the venue, a first in NAGA’s long history of running tournaments.

Nevertheless, Top Flight students were ready to put all the training and preparation in to action and bring back the gold. Competition team members, Shomari, Marissa, Dylan, and Joshua won their division, claiming the coveted 1st places Samurai Sword (Marissa, Dylan, and Joshua actually claimed 2 swords for winning Gi and No Gi divisions)
Check some footage from their championship run

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