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  Dear Future Super Woman, If you have been searching, like our Super Women used to search, for for the most simply yet tried and true ways of losing weight and toning…. Then you are in the right place! I want to share with you how our ladies are getting amazing results, fitting in to those drop dead outfits they always wished they could, and how it is all maintained…. Check out this short video preview of  Super Women ( of all ages) blast through work outs in our Women’s Only Boot Camp. Join the Top Flight Women’s Boot Camp Movement!!!!

Top Flight Women's BootCamp video


We Are Exposing the TOP 5 Excuses that kill the DREAM

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Not enough time– Probably the biggest lie we come across. Yes you have time and it’s too easy. @-3 hours is all that you need.  With a minimum of 2-3 hours a week in our Boot Camp you are Guaranteed to see drastic results. Yes just 2-3 hrs a week will change your life. Honestly,  you will want to exceed the 2-3 hr but not because you need too But because you want to.  And we make it super easy for mom’s with kids in our martial arts program. While the kids class is going on, mom is in her class busting a sweat and getting shape.
I need to get in shape before I come–  As sensible as this might sound, it makes  absolutely no sense. This is like catching a cold and saying you want to get better before you go see the doctor. The problem is that state of in shape never comes, its just another excuse that keeps women out of shape.  Don’t be scared to be a “DOER” like our Super Women. There is no need to delay, we have women making the jump to Super Women all the time so you won’t be alone. And I make this promise that you will be exhausted after the boot camp session but you will absolutely love it!
Knees hurt and can’t do too much– Here is the cold hard- No BS truth. Your Knees are only meant to support so much weight! There, I said it. But it doesn’t end there….. The longer you wait to fix the problem the more damage you do to yourself. Don’t let this turn discourage, our Women’s Boot Camp is just 100% serious and dedicated about gettting the weight off and keeping it off, so all our Super Women can live healthy exhilarating lives. I can promise you this, if this is your excuse, we will meet you where your capabilities are and grow together from there!
I have a gym membership– The problem with the gym membership is…. Its never used. Why? Because it’s boring!!! Unlike our Super Women Fitness Boot Camp, there is no direction, variety of workouts, no game plan diet, no accountability. And they don’t have a Super Women support group to keep you motivated.
I’m too old– NO YOUR NOT! If you can stand up, sit down, or sit up then you are not to old!


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  3. Sandra Vazquez /

    I am interested in taking cardio kickboxing classes (evening)

    1. Ron "The Choirboy" Stallings /

      Hello Sandra, have you talk to anyone from the school yet? If not please give me a call 410-272-3799

    2. Ron "The Choirboy" Stallings /

      Sandra have you talk to anybody from the school yet? If not, give me a call here at the front desk, I can help you. 410-272-3799

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