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Boxing & Kick Boxing Training For 30 Days FREE! Absolutely Risk Free To You, Test Drive Area’s Best And Most Experience Striking Program and Learn World Class Striking While Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

Learn the Hottest New Muay Thai Striking Techniques at the Area’s Best Academy, And see quick results to your physique as the pounds melt off and your arms , legs, and abs show more definition.

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Looking to get in Phenomenal Shape And Feel The Benefits Of A Healthier Body?
Regardless of your age or ability, when it comes to experiencing an exhilarating workout that will burn fat from the your mid section, tone muscles, and fine tune hand eye coordination, a Muay Thai / KickBoxing workout at Top Flight MMA is next to none. In our Muay Thai / Kick Boxing classes you will work out your whole body and in a tolerable format. You don’t need to be in Tip Top shape to start your transformation.

When you come in and feel the training

    • Punching and Kicking the Heavy bags, building power and muscle endurance
    • Doing Muay Thai pad rounds, building speed and accuracy with legs all while toning up your abs and obliques, and safely increasing your flexibilty.

muay class side plank

  • Boxing Mitt rounds- building up hand speed, accuracy, and coordination has you slip, counter, and reel off intricate combinations. (You have to checkout the 10 punch Combination…Super Fun)

You will know work outs at the local gym or health club CAN’T HOLD A CANDLE to the workouts you get from Top Flight MMA’s Muay Thai classes.

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Not to mention that every exercise in our Muay Thai class is ONE HECK OF STRESS RELIEVER which is just ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE to keeping your mind and body healthy and disease free.
Test Drive The Benefits Today For 30 Days Free


Rave Review Muay Thai

“In The Short Time Ive Been Training I have Lost 40lbs And More Is To Come”

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“I Really Enjoy The Training In The Muay Thai Program; The Workouts, The Sparring, All Of It!. The Striking Is On Another Level Here, The Instructors Really Know Their Stuff. And I’m Really Digging The Weight Loss Ive Witnessed Since I Started Training. In The Short Time I’ve Been Training I Have Lost 40lbs And More Is To Come! Top Flights Is Where It Is At!Stephen Soul
Aberdeen Maryland”

Just Check Out One Of Many Exercises  We Do In They Muay Thai Class. Ab Work Outs Like This Produce Results Inside A Week

Test drive the training RISK FREE with our 30 Day Free Trial. Take the RIGHT step now. Today you can  be on your way to doing INTENSE PAD ROUNDS, WORKOUT ROUTINES THAT NEVER GET OLD OR BORING, and FEELING ENERGETIC AND ALIVE! And Even If  Being An Elite Skilled Champion Fighter, like a few of our team member,  is not a goal at at all for you ,You will feel PRETTY DARN TOUGH and confident that you can defend yourselves against an attacker from all the effective Muay Thai striking you will learn. (Another INVALUABLE ability you’ll get from our Top Flight Muay Thai Training.)

Train 30 Days FREECall The School Now To Set Up Your Appointment


Do you fall in one of these categories?

  • Work Night Shift
  • Have a Hour Long Lunch Break,
  • Or Maybe you Work From Home and the day time suits your schedule the best

Which ever one is you, we have the perfect solution with our Day Time Muay Thai Classes! Coming to Muay Thai training as little as twice a week will yield far more benefits and results than going to the gym everyday.

Call the front desk to get in on the Day Time Muay Training. We Have A Someone To Take Your Call 24/7  410-272-3799

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