*Video* Top Flight MMA students from Bel Air and Aberdeen Win Gold at Good Fight Submission Only Tournament

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Top Flight MMA Students Win Gold At Good Fight Submission Only In Millersville Maryland.

In combat sports there is no clearer way to declare victory than knocking out your opponent or in other words, winning by KO. In brazilian jiu-jitsu, to make your opponent tap out or verbalize they no longer want to fight is like delivering a KO blow but just in safer way. Tapping allows a opponent to end the match before enduring significant damage.
But this is the way old grappling matches were contested to see who was the superior martial artist; no time limits, the only way to win was to make your opponent tab by type of joint lock or choke, or to render the opponent unconscious by way of choke.
Most BJJ tournaments have a scoring system and time limit, because without these parameters matches can go on for hours. Good Fight brings back the old school feel of the technician being the superior grappler rather than the athlete than can work the rules to win. Plus it promotes the up and coming grapplers to look for the “grappling KO” rather than play it safe and win by points.

That’s exactly what Top Flight MMA students Brian Blanchard (Bel Air, Maryland) and Stephen Soul (Aberdeen, Maryland) had to in order win gold in their divisions. All their matched had to be won by submission or the “Grappling KO”
Check Out the Highlight from the Submission Only Tournament

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