[Video] And The NEW!!! Heavy Weight MMA Champion “The Grave Digger” Shelton Graves. Only Pro Heavy Weight Champion In Maryland

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Shelton Champion
The New Global Proving Ground Heavy Weight Champion
“The Grave Digger” Shelton Graves

This past Saturday Top Flight MMA pro fighter, Shelton Graves of Baltimore Maryland, defeated highly touted KO machine, Lorenzo Hood.

Coming into the fight, Hood had a record of 12 wins all by 1st round knock out and many expected him to end this fight in the same fashion.

Hood did start the fight off show casing some of his power that has ended all of his wins in the first round but it was not enough to stop Graves from dominating the fight.

After withstanding the initial onslaught, Graves took absolute control of the fight with takedowns, ground and pound, and his cardio. After being dominated by Graves for majority of the 1st round, Hood was extremely fatigued so at the onset of the 2nd round Graves took in down with minimal resistance and the ref would call the fight due to massive elbow to the face.

Result of the Heavy Weight title bout: Winner Shelton Grave 2nd round TKO
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  1. Shane teves /

    Very impressive u wore his ass out

    1. Ron "The Choirboy" Stallings /

      Thanks Shane!

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