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Time to shine the spot on another very special student in the Top Flight MMA training program. For their hard work and application ofjordan GQ double gold 2 the “Black Belt Mind Set” in and out of the Academy we showcase students and celebrate their continual excellence, but no for purposes of boasting or bragging, but for encouragement for the students to continue their hard work and for other students to see what is possible when they apply the black belt mind sets in their own lives.

Being Spot lighted this time for his accomplishments on the mat and at school is, Aberdeen High School student/ Honor Roll Student/ Multiple Time NAGA and Grapplers Quest Champion, Jordan Stewart.

Jordan Stewart started his Martial Arts training in the Top Flight MMA kids program when his parents, Susan and Jerome Stewart, wanted to expose him to the mental and physical benefits of training in martial arts. What started out as just a 2 day week fun after school activity quickly exploded into a life style; a code to live by for every situation. His passion for learning and training martial arts earned him a invite to the Elite Master’s Club.

(Here is a video interview that was done by the Aberdeen Patch that featured Jordan early on his training)

Jordan is now working toward his Junior Black Belt in the Top Flight MMA Teens Program where he continues to train hard, succeed in school, and be a role model for other young martial artist at Top Flight MMA Academy.  After almost 4 year of MMA training, Jordan has amassed quite a few ,very impressive, accomplishments.

For Starters Jordan is a constant Honor Roll student.
-At Top Flight he has earned the positions of Jr. Asst Instructor and Team Captain of the Kids/Teen competition team.

In Competition Jordan has made name for himself winning
Over 20+ Medals
5 Samurai Swords
3 Expert Division Championship Belts.

Here is a recap of his latest championship victory

Some of Jordan’s other hobbies include digital engineering and game design. His goal along with earning is Top Flight Black Belt is to be a digital electronics engineer.
Jordan exemplifies what is to be a scholar and an athlete and everybody, from his parents to his MMA instructors, is excited to see all the amazing accomplishments he is guaranteed to claim with his Black Belt Confidence and Mind Set.

Keep up the great work Jordan, you will make a Brilliant Engineer and Great Black Belt!

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