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VID00707 0 00 03-33A lot of parents find it extremely difficult to keep their kids occupied and entertained during the summer months and majority of them do not have the summer months off like the kids do. Along with teach kids valuable lessons in Academics, Schools also with provide an outlet for kids energy with the various activities they have in place. So with school out for the summer, what happens to all that energy and thirst for excitement go.
Well it doesn’t go away for a break, in fact that desire for fun and adventure exponentially increases. So parents are left with, what to do with the kids open schedule.

Doing nothing is a recipe for certain disaster.  Because the kids have so much energy, when left alone to do what ever feel like, it leads to all kinds of trouble like hanging out with the wrong crowd, destruction of property, smoking, trying out drugs, spending hours upon hours plopped  in front of the tv playing video games and learning destructive attitudes and behavior from tv shows, and list goes on.

Most parents use a baby sitter or camp as an outlet for the kids. The only problem with that is most camps and all baby sitters are pic for black &white boring camp1BORING . And the ones that are fun like Basket Ball, Base Ball, Foot Ball, and Science Camps don’t last all summer, just a week at the most. Some parent measure convenience of location and cost  to determine what camp to “literally” throw their kid in, thinking all camps are the same and end up being disappointed because the kids still end up being bored or in trouble because it wasn’t a sufficient out the kid’s ball of energy. And a lot parents find out the hard way that the really cheap camps are too crowded and under staffed to really watch out for the kid and don’t have fun activities and trips for kids.

That’s where Top Flight MMA’s Karate Summer Sports Camp has revolutionized summer break! This Summer camp is non stop action and adventure for the entire summer break, from the week summer camp lets out to school starts back in. Everyday the campers are involved in super fun sports and karate activities and it doesn’t stop there. Hidden in all the fun the kids learn valuable life lessons and skills that enhance their ability to perform in sports and in school.

AND then there are the electrifying trips the campers going on every single week; places like Six Flags, Laser Tag, Swimming Pool, Bowling Alley, Skating Rink, Aquarium, National Zoo, and many more places. The kids go on these trips at least 2 time a week for the entire summer.

Video 60 0 00 06-21Parents of kids in the Top Flight MMA’s Karate Sports Summer Camp have no complaints that there child is bored, getting into trouble, or not learning valuable lessons. The parent are quite pleased that the kids love all the action and that the kids are learning things that will help them be more confident, get great grades, be more disciplined and helpful at home.

Check out what this parent had say about Top Flight’s MMA summer camp after first enrolling her kid in another summer camp.

Top Flight MMA provides the perfect option for parents on what to do with their kids during the summer break. The only catch is, there are limited spots available and they fill up fast. Call the front desk now to save your child’s spot in Top Flight Karate Sports Summer Camp today. 410-272-3799
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 Watch A LIVE video PREVIEW of Camp here SUMMER CAMP


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