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New Black Belt At Top Flight MMAbennett hodge black belt pic
There are many achievements  students look forward to when they start their martial arts journey, but none more fulfilling than finally earning their black belt! The Black Belt is a culmination of hard work, focus, determination, and team work. The character straits and skill gains from enduring the process of becoming a black belt is something that will positively affect other areas of the student’s life and stay with them for the rest of their life. The black belt mind set becomes a way of life way before the black belt is ever wrapped around the waist. And know when a student finally reaches the mark, he/she has sacrificed and push through a lot to earn what only a small percentage of the population will ever earn.

We would like to congratulate Bennett Hodge Jr. on earning his Thai-Jitsu Black Belt. Bennett has been a part of the adult mma and self defense for years and through all  the training, fun, sore muscles, and life circumstances he stayed focused on the goal of earning his black belt.

Congratulations Bennett, the black belt is well earned. Welcome to the beginning of your training 

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