#1 Before/After School Martial Arts Program in Harford County!!!! Safe and Reliable After School Transportation, Academic Tutoring, and the Best Kids Martial Arts training !!!!

kids book coverWhat is the importance of enrolling your child into Top Flight’s Before/After School Martial Arts Program? Studies have shown that the after-school hours can be dangerous ones for children. The number of violent crimes committed doubles in the hour immediately after school is let out . Also, after school programs are an important resource for families especially the working parent. After school programs provide parents assurance that their children are being supervised and are in an educational environment. Here at Top Flight we make sure we provide a safe and fun learning environment, where each child can get the necessary attention.

The students that are enrolled in the after school program get the chance to finish their home work and also receive extra help in any subject matter. This has benefited our after school kids tremendously, getting the extra help 5 days a week insures your child much success in school. Not only do we provide an educational environment but our kids get to train in full self-defense martial arts after homework is done. The martial arts aspect of the program helps elevate self-confidence, self- awareness, self-control, self-discipline and keeps your child in great physical shape.

Top Flight’s Before/After school program provides the total package that your average before/after school program will not provide. Parents if your going to send your child to a before/after school program, send them to a program that’s going to help your child succeed in school and out. Harford County’s #1 Before/After School Program TOP FLIGHT!!!



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