Developing the “Yes I can” Attitude

Does your child have a “Yes I Can” attitude? The truth is not many kids
do, but we will teach you kid the same way we teach our kids these
age old secrets. Make sure you schedule a time to come in our

What can a fast-paced, educational and fun-filled martial arts class do forkids book cover
your kid? There are many people who have different answers for this
question, but only a few really know that martial arts are better than any
other contact or team sports that your child will ever play.

The atmosphere created in a martial arts class is positive and buzzing with
energy. This is the perfect way of giving your child a fun-filled workout,
while also honing their life skills and improving their attitude towards
challenges. A self-disciplined child is well on the way to success in life
and the martial arts drills taught to your children help them get there.

One step at a time
Developing the ‘Yes I can’ attitude through martial arts in children is a
step by step process. The classes start very simply and keep getting more
challenging as the child progresses from one level to another. The training
itself is based on positive recognition, allowing the child to feel
self-assured. When the child begins to develop a sense of accomplishment,
and is confident enough, the ‘yes I can’ attitude develops simultaneously.

Building a strong foundation
The training in martial arts tends to build a very strong foundation in
children. The self-discipline that is learned here can be extended to other
sports, academics and the other areas in a child’s life. The other life
skills learnt by a child inside the martial arts classroom can be also
extended outside in real life.
There is a growing awareness among parents about developing the ‘ Yes I
can’ attitude through martial arts. The training program in martial arts
gives your child a head start in life. Since the early years are vital in
the child’s development, the earlier you start with martial arts, the
easier it would be for the child to learn well and do well in life.

Developmental skills
The basic developmental skills that are taught inside a martial arts class
include a show of manners, respect to the others, increased focus and
improved attention span, participation in group activities, development of
tolerance towards others, improved teamwork and improved listening skills.Video 60 0 00 06-21
A martial arts class can therefore be the best investment that you can make
in your child’s future.

Apart from the improved attitude that is brought about by the martial arts
classes, the child improves physical posture, body language, hand eye
coordination, motor skills, concentration, self-discipline and overall
health and fitness. By the virtue of all these newly acquired life skills,
the child is able to develop and hone a non-quitting spirit and direct
energies into constructive activities.

Martial arts consist of several age-appropriate drills that have been
designed keeping in mind the needs of the growing child. Most of the
martial arts are deeply spiritual in nature and, apart from teaching your
child a set of wonderful attributes, foster humility and respect. With so
many positive qualities in your child, the child can become an unstoppable
force. You can begin developing the ‘Yes I Can’ attitude through martial

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