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If your child is around 9 positive successful Black Belts, then
they will probably be the 10th. If the are around 9 unmotivated
disrespectful negative people, they probably be the 10th
Which one will the be?

9 out of 10 Rule Surrounding Your Child Around Black Belt Minded Peoplekids book cover

Children, both toddlers and adolescents, learn the most from their
environments. When they are young, they naturally look within their
environments for positive role models. One of the easiest and quickest ways
to shape attitudes and behaviors in children is to surround them with
positive people.

Negative vs. Positive
Here is where the 9 out of 10 rule surrounding your child around black belt
minded people comes into play. Much of the adult world is apathetic or
negative. In our own family environment, unknown to us, there are a lot of
negative influences on our children. However, if we surround our children
with positive and happy people, people who are confident, self-assured and
respectful, our children will imbibe these qualities in themselves.

Being a Responsible Parent
As parents, it is important to ensure that our children have a lot of
positive role models to look up to. Black belt minded people can help
increase children’s enthusiasm about life, making them optimistic and
confident. If a child is surrounded by negative people with low
self-esteem, the child is most likely to grow up nurturing the same values
and becoming morose.

You Are Their First Role Model
There have been a lot of studies suggesting that children consider their
parents as their role models. In both anecdotal as well as statistical
studies, this fact has emerged again and again. The first thing to do as
parents, therefore, is to try and become positive role models yourself. If
the adults around the children set and achieve realistic goals, the child
will also strive to become like that. You can again see the nuances of the
9 out of 10 rule surrounding your child around black belt minded people in

Introduce positive role models in your child’s life
There are many ways to surround your child with positive role models. TheIMG_2503
easiest of these is to introduce your child to an activity and then point
out the people who have excelled in the particular activity themselves.
This provides positive motivation to the child and helps the child identify
with positive people with positive achievements.

You can look for positive and like-minded people in your own family. If you
have a successful cousin who worked hard in school, you can introduce your
child to the relative. You can also identify other people with both small
and great accomplishments to socialize with your child. A neighbor or a
shopkeeper who has admirable qualities can be a great and easily accessible
role model for your child. Most of all, be quick to point out any good
qualities in the people who surround your child.

Close proximity is sure to affect the choice of role models in your child.
if your child begins to associate with someone who you do not think is a
good role model, you can point out the good things about them and make sure
that the child takes this positively, seeing only the positive qualities in
the person.

The 9 out of 10 rule surrounding your child around black belt minded people
works both ways. If you surround your child with people who have positive
qualities, the child will eagerly imbibe these qualities, but if the child
is surrounded by negative people, the child will be quick to imbibe
negative qualities as well.

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